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Seeking Stories!

My entire life I have been obsessed with all things fantastical, frightening, freaky and fey. As a child it wasn’t the well known fairytales that I loved but the more obscure ones, from Snow White and Rose Red to The Twelve Dancing Princesses. I distinctly remember a babysitter bringing me a beautiful illustrated children’s book of the story of Tam Lin. The illustrations both thrilling and terrifying me as she read me the story of the evil Faerie queen and the brave girl who managed to defeat her. Whenever I travel the first thing I look up isn’t the best place to eat or the best beach, the first thing I look up is the myths and legends of the place I am visiting. There is universality to folklore. The same stories are repeated all around the world with minor cosmetic differences. This blog will be all about those stories. The stories I’ve collected on my travels, stories I’ve read in pamphlets at tourist sites, heard from locals, read scribbled on the walls of hostels. I hope you will come along on this journey with me and send me your own favourite stories to retell!


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